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Dec 17
“Name your price in the beginning. If it ever gets more expensive than the price you’ve named, get out. People make the mistake of thinking success will bring them happiness, but it’s always fleeting. Set your price before your start your career, once you reach it enjoy the people around you, because the love you have for your children, your wife, your friends will carry much more weight than the emptiness your possessions will carry with you.” Dave Chappelle

Sep 20
“Once the game is over the king and the pawn go back in the same box”

Aug 30
“Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.” Ben Spies (via born-survivor)

May 16

"Never forget, Alexandros, that this flesh, this body, does not belong to us. It belongs to the gods and to our children, our fathers and mothers and those of Lakedaemon a hundred, a thousand years unborn."-Dienekes